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Poverty has been a problem for many years. It affects a large percentage of today’s world population. And it will continue to expand. No matter how much income people get, there will be people who can’t afford enough food, water and shelter. How do we define poverty? According to dictionaries, poverty is “the state of being extremely poor”. But my definition of poverty is not having enough resources to be satisfied with your basic needs, like: shelter, food, clothing, water, health care and job. Poverty is like a disease, it is always spreading. According to the World Bank, more than 700 million people are living in extreme poverty (2). For the past few years, we have been trying to reduce poverty, but today, it is still ongoing.

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Illiteracy rates are mostly high in rural areas because the government can’t afford to improve school facilities. Without education, people won’t be able to find jobs and will never escape from poverty. Another effect of lack of education is lack of family planning. Uneducated people will have so many children (that they can’t support), and this will result in overpopulation- which is one of the main causes of poverty. It’s a massive problem because these kind of families only earn a small amount of money. These families will have no access to clean supply of water, electricity, and other facilities.…show more content…
Poor education is also a major cause. Because of overpopulation, high unemployment rate increases and this makes it difficult for a country to have a successful economy. Another cause is natural disasters which impacts the country’s economy and makes it harder to repair damages.

Poorer countries should be supported by organisations like The World Bank, where they supply loans to other countries. If organisations continued to help poorer countries, then poverty could be slowly eradicated. For instance, the Philippines is slowly recovering from poverty with the help of UNDP programme and USAID.

Poverty is a massive problem in many countries and it will keep on spreading and increasing if we don’t do something about it. Many people are affected by poverty, most of them are poor people. In order to end poverty, rich countries should cooperate with each other and help poor countries. As a result of poverty, millions of lives are lost worldwide. Children in poor countries suffer from malnutrition due to lack of food.

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