Improve Your Footwork

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One major drawback for athletes is that they don 't have very good footwork, but most of them do. The causes would be not being able to move my feet fast. The impacts it has would have to be for basketball the most because you need to move your feet fast in the post. It also could be for my football you need to have fast feet to cut up and get through the hole. You need it to cut back and make a jukes, or to get out of trouble. I was hoping that I could get a lot quicker and faster, so on the field, or on the court I could make a difference and work harder.

Literature Review

The first thing that I found in my first source in the article ¨Improve Your Footwork¨ was that if you aren 't good at getting off the ball then you would use this
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I would only work at practice when I would do post moves in the paint. It wasn 't really helping me in my opinion.
My goal for the experiment was for me to be able to move around in the paint on a basketball court. It was also for me to be quicker on the football field. It was for me to be more coordinated on the floor, so I wouldn 't fall on the ground or on someone else 's feet. My first plan was to do it at anytime of the day. It could 've been before I go to bed, after football practice, before school, or when I was bored and wasn 't doing anything at all. I would do this for about ten minutes or maybe even more. I think that it would help if I did it for a longer period of time. I would repeat this three times a day until I felt that there was a change. I would use ladders, cones, and jump ropes on different days. I would use quick feet and hand motions to go faster. I would do it outside I would be alone and try to do it as fast as I can. Then I switched over to the next plan and I would do the experiment four times instead of three. I would also listen to music while I would run through my objects that I needed to go through. It made a bigger impact on me when listening to music then it was when I wasn 't listening to
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