Conclusion On Poverty In Pakistan

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The poverty refers to not having the basic requirements of human life or a person cannot afford the basic wants of life. Basic wants are the food, shelter, clothes, money and clean water. Poverty is having few income and less resources within the country. Poverty is the foremost problems which Pakistan is facing. This is the leading and sensitive issue not only for Pakistan but for the world. The poverty can also root other social harms like bribe, corruption, adultery, lawlessness.

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Historically poverty is been higher in rural areas but lower in the cities. More than 40 percent of the total population is living below the poverty line, in which 30 percent lives in the rural areas. Poverty rises sharply in rural areas in 1990s.There are so many factors that play role in poverty or we can say that the causes of poverty.
The gender discrimination in our society also give shape to the poverty in our country. The gender roles in Pakistan is something like the workplace is for man and the home place is for woman. So that the people invest so far less in woman then the man. In Pakistan the woman mostly suffers from the opportunities of poverty. Female literacy rate is much less than as compared to the man literacy rate.
Social and economic vulnerability is also the source of poverty. Vulnerability rises from social powerlessness and ill-functioning and these also are important cause of the resolution of vulnerability among the poor.
More reasons of vulnerability in
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But the education situation in Pakistan is very unhappy. The less education make our country unable to deal with the challenges of this modern century.
Over population: The growth rate of Pakistan is becoming very high. There are very limited resources in the Pakistan.
Unemployment: The biggest problem Pakistan facing is the unemployment. The unemployment rate in Pakistan is just 15%. Many of the MBA , engineers and the doctors are out of job.
Corruption: Corruption is one the biggest threat to the Pakistan. In the past few decades the image of Pakistan has extremely suffered. The money laundering done by many politicians earned a bad name for the country. Due to poverty child labor is increasing day by day. Child labor is employment of children at regular labor. Child labor is something in which children forced to perform harmful and dangerous work which exploits them physically, mentally or emotionally. Child labor is increasing day by day because of poverty. As poverty is very common in our societies which forced parents and they have to send their children to perform such hazardous work in mills, industries, roads

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