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Decorative Choices For Your New Concrete Driveway

If you 're tired of the maintenance needs of a dirt or gravel driveway, then it 's time to consider installing something more permanent. One option is concrete. Concrete driveways are durable and they can be stylish too. You generally have more options with concrete than you do with asphalt since concrete is lighter in color and can be dyed easily. Here are some options to talk to your contractor about when you 're considering a new driveway and you want one with an appealing appearance.

Stained Concrete Driveway

You can add about any color you like to concrete when you use stain. The stain is put on when the driveway is complete. You can choose from an acid or water stain. The acid
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This involves cutting designs into the concrete before it is fully cured. This makes your driveway look like its made from tiles, slate, brick, or pavers. Color pigments can be added at the same time to create artistic designs or to make the stamped sections look like authentic slate or brick.

Concrete Pavers

Instead of having a driveway installed with poured concrete, you could have your contractor install pavers instead. Pavers give your property an upscale appearance. One good thing about pavers besides their appearance is that you can drive on them as soon as they are installed. There is no curing time involved. Also, if a paver is damaged, it can be pulled up and replaced, so it 's easy to keep a paver driveway looking nice for years with occasional power washing.

With all these options available, you don 't have to choose a plain white driveway if you don 't want to. You can create any design and color you like, which makes your driveway look interesting and keeps it more attractive as the concrete ages since fine cracks and stains won 't be so visible. If you want to upgrade to a decorative driveway, talk to a concrete contractor about all the options available and for help creating the perfect

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