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Contact sports involve touching, hitting, or banging other children, which is often why children get hurt in these sports. Among teens, concussions and death have happened. While these sports increase the strength of teenagers as they partake in a school activity, the risk of injury and death is great. The health benefits of contact sports do not outweigh the risks of playing them. The leading causes of death and accidents in sports are caused by concussions. However, deaths have increased from concussion accidents. A concussion mostly comes from football players that are running very quickly, is the rate of concussion going up. If football players don’t run as quick then it would cut down some of the concussion rates. Bleeding in the brain killed a lot of males…show more content…
The price tag for NFL is a couple hundred million dollars(Zimmerman). Over 40% of NFL that is not playing anymore have characteristics of having a severe injury to the brain. The NFL found that it was 271 concussions in 2015 (Burdick). Eighteen people have died while playing football in 1905 but there was a gathering that made changes to guaranteed players safety. This is why people need to have the proper gear. "By the time they get to high school, kids have a 5% chance of sustaining a concussion for each season they play" (Zimmerman). If they choose to keep playing football then they will eventually end up with a brain concussion or brain damage. Over the years 65-80% of head injuries go unnoticed ("Stopping the..."58). Football player ignore the fact that it is just a headache. Hospitals took 150,000 in 2001 to 250,000 in 2009 dramatically increased because of concussions ("Injuries in..."). People participating in sports any sports besides football has about 50% of all concussions; players that do not participate in football also have a risk. However, people could fall or get hit you still can get concussion. People who have concussion or had more than one concussion

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