Concussion Hazards In Youth Football

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Imagine yourself running with a football amidst a game, trying to make your way to the endzone and then suddenly, Pow! You are hit by a defender and knocked back down to the ground. The world around you turns blurry as you approach the bench in your dizzy state, as you realize you have suffered a concussion. Football is one of the many popular sports which is officially played in high schools. Many of the young adults that play the game suffer from injuries such as concussions, making the sport a highly debated topic on whether it is safe for young athletes to play the game. Hard Knocks by Gabriel Charles Tyler is an article which provides valuable information regarding the effects of concussions caused in sports like football, how often they occur, and how people suffer from them. “Concussion Hazards in Youth Football” is an interview from CNN, of a renowned…show more content…
Many of them are impaired through their senses, and quite some have died as well. The adolescents today do not understand the severity of head injuries. Despite many of the kids are able to recover from their concussions, they still suffer from other permanent effects to their developing brain. Since the brain is still in it’s growing stages during adolescence, brain injuries become more fatal to children than to adults. The young athletes still remain persistent and ask to go out in the field, despite the obvious risk of worsening the symptoms of concussions. Dr. Sanjay Gupta discusses the severity of concussions to children by saying, “Adolescent brains are damaged far more than the adult brain, since they are still in their developing stages. Many of the children still go on after suffering concussions. I’ve even heard cases of some of them dying due to their injuries. ” Because of the lapses in judgement, young athletes expose themselves to the hazards of football, and worsen the chances of receiving
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