Concussion Movie Analysis

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Concussion Movie with Will Smith
Based on real live events, the Concussion movie is a perfect drama for sports fans to watch. Will Smith plays the role of Dr. Omalu Bennet (Dr. discoverer) who is a forensic pathologist with a Nigerian decent; he pioneers a challenge against the National Football League (NFL). Dr. Omalu brought to light the brain damage issue that was evident in retired NFL players, an issue he challenges the management to speak the truth on. The initial unfolding of the brain damage issue occurred in September 2002 when he, Dr. Omalu was called upon to conduct an autopsy on Mike Webster’s body. Webster was a football player with Pittsburgh Steelers; he anchored the teams front line and aided them in achieving four robust super bowl wins. Only later did he begin zapping himself and ranting at strangers, a habit that got attached to him after severe health deterioration. It was the peak of such health degeneration that saw his death at age 50 from a heart attack. Webster died without realizing the reason behind his deteroriation.
Dr. Omalu knew nothing concerning football and thus didn’t have the complete list of players
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Omalu had innocently believed that the NFL would offer a positive reception to his study that exposed the dangers posed upon football participants’ mental health. Contrary to his expectations, the NFL demanded for an extraction of the article from 2005’s July issue of Neurosurgery. Three editors from the NFL’s committee for Mild Brain Injury wrote about serious flaws they had come across in his research. Other people who had been affected apart from Webster were the likes of Terry Long. After the first report denial by NFL, Omalu pushed forward with a second brain examination on Terry Long who had showed signs of distressing behavior after his immediate retirement. He had eventually killed himself by taking antifreeze; as a result of the distressing character he had acquired. This became another classical case of
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