Concussion Problems

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Concussion Problems in the Sports World Today Concussions are a threat to long-term health. New precautions are being taken to diminish the traumatic effects in athletes. As much as there is against precautions being effective, new rules/ precautions are preventing and curing concussions; also leaving no long- The new treatments are curing concussions, and they are reducing the long-term effects according to “UPMC’s concussion program patients make a full, complete recovery.” ( ) “UPMC and a handful of other concussion clinics across the country have developed a battery of active therapies that challenge patients’ vision, balance, and concentration.” ( ) Some of the treatments include standing on one foot,…show more content…
This has caused new rules/ precautions to be made. “Blame the NFL for perpetuating some of our concussion misperceptions. Highly publicized lawsuits between the NFL and former football players have raised public awareness about concussions, but they’ve also confused us.” ( ) This occurred when “the disabling neurodegenerative disorder” was to blame for former football players: Mike Webster and Junior Seau deaths. ( ) There are specific rules in the USA hockey “Officials Rules and Casebook of Ice Hockey,” to prevent concussions and any other head injuries. Specifically rules 619 (head butting) and 620 (head contact). (“USA Hockey 2013-17 Officials Rules and Casebook of Ice Hockey”). “A minor plus a misconduct or major plus game misconduct penalty shall be assessed to any player who contacts an opponent in the head, face or neck, including with the stick or any part of the player’s body or equiptment (rule 620 a, head contact)” (“USA Hockey 2013-17 Officials Rules and Casebook of Ice Hockey”). These rules effectively decrease the amount of head injuries because players on either team don’t want to loose a player on the ice while they serve a penalty. If a player’s makes an illegal contact to the head, they know it can hurt the victim, and also the offender’s team while in the “sin bin.” In conclusion the new treatments and precautions being taken by concussion clinics (such as UPMC) for these sports, are in
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