Concussions And Head Trauma

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What is it like to have ALS or a CTE? Either a progressive neurological disease that attacks your motor skills or one that attacks the cognitive parts of the brain. Each one has its own particular attack strategy. On one hand the body is rendered completely motionless while being completely conscious of the outside environment. On the other, the body stays unharmed while it slowly loses the mind, both are equally devastating. These diseases are caused by repetitive concussions & brain trauma. These can be obtained by participating in physical sports that involve being struck on the head. These are the risk that a person must be willing to consider when making decisions to be active in sports. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, known as ALS & most …show more content…

Concussion are created as a result of the brain being slammed against the skull. This can cause inability to think clearly, sleeping more than usual, easily upset, nausea & vomiting. After receiving a concussion it is extremely important to get lots of rest so the brain may have time to repair the injuries it has sustained. Head trauma would be treated similar to how a concussion would be handled. Whether it’s a concussion or head trauma it’s important to go to the doctors & have them confirm there is no serious injuries to the brain. These two factors can cause serious havoc on the brain if not dealt with properly. Concussions & head trauma need to be taken more seriously & have more precautions when dealing with …show more content…

ALS, a horrifying disease that shuts down motor function to the point where the body can no longer move. CTE, a devastating disease that destroys the mind & mental stability. These diseases are caused by repetitive head injuries & concussions without given a chance to rest. For that same reason, athletes are more likely to get these diseases at a younger age. In response, the public has pressure national sport companies to create & enforce new rules in the game. This is very important to know for smaller children who are starting sports young. There will be no signs at first until it’s too late, & when it does start it’ll be too late. These are the kids who just want to play their favorite sport but will later realize there is more on the

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