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How would you react if you had to sit in a dark room for 24 to 48 hours? In event that you hit your head too hard, your head can be harshly hurt, and is a concussion, it may be one of the only ways to heal. This is one good solution to healing your concussion quicker and safer than many other options on the table. Symptoms of a concussion can include problems with balance, mood, anxiety, and cognition, migraine headaches, nausea and neck problems. Different types of concussions have different effects. These often happen with professional athletes, from boxers, football players, hockey players to race car drivers and professional wrestlers. They risk concussions and concussion related neck injuries from participation in their respective sports.…show more content…
They found out that the most effective treatment is allowing the injured teen just one to go days of quiet time until their symptoms are gone. The teen can slowly start returning to normal levels of activity, little by little. For most mild brain injuries, the recovery process takes a week to three weeks. Mood changes in their concussed children and math was most frequently cited as the greatest academic challenge. This is why their homework might be reduced and they may need to reschedule tests. 88 adolescents age 11 to 22 who had suffered mild trauma to the head. 45 of the teens were told to rest 24 to 48 hours and then slowly return to their normal routine. 43 teens were more restricted for 5 days they weren’t allowed to do much of anything or go to…show more content…
In a group, 38 percent reported that headaches, concentration problems and fatigue had made school more difficult. Forty-four percent said concussion symptoms affected their note take skills and homework completion. Nearly 9 to 10 teens who continue to show symptoms of brain injury also experience academic problems. When a young person gets hit on the head and suffers a concussion recommend being holed up in a dark room for days. This could mean five days in a dark, quiet room with no superhero movies, loud music, bright lights or smart

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