Concussions In Professional Sports

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Many of the famous sports today are played with great enjoyment, however, contact injuries can always occur at any time. Many of these injuries are concussions. Couple of years back studies showed concussions were not a major subject to be dealt with, but until later this idea was proven wrong. A simple Concussion can change many things in your life even the way you act. Many have died due to multiple major concussions even famous athletes. Young high school athletes are starting their sports journey and face these same injuries and when it happens it should be dealt with very seriously. We 've already mentioned concussions in adult athletes but what about athletes in high school? High school Children are more prone to brain injuries than adults athletes because their brains are not fully complete in developing. Many problems such as immaturity of the central nervous system and lack of recognition might occur if a high school athlete faces a concussion.…show more content…
Instead of runny back to the game the athlete should take a rest depending on how bad the concussions is. Research has shown that concussions can affect a person later in life. It can cause athletes to have depression, memory loss, physical impairment such as slowing of movements and can take months to recover sometimes even years. Many people are afraid to be taken out of the game so they deny that they have a concussion and continue the sport as if nothing occurred. This can lead the player to a greater risk of another concussion and can cause impairing actions to the athletes life. Everyone loves sports but it should be played carefully and responsibly. An athlete should always think before they act and not only help themselves in the competitive sport but their opponent as well while taking their full

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