Concussions In Sports Case Study

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Even though the National Football league under Goodell 's leadership has maintained steady viewership growth and profit, Roger Goodell has handled the concussion epidemic of the NFL extremely poorly, in addition to handling the constant ethics issues with little regard. In the many instances of concussions in the NFL Goodell has given inadequate punishment to guilty parties. In addition, Roger Goodell has also handled the "Deflategate" scandal poorly by suspending Tom Brady, even after no solid evidence of wrongdoing. In recent years it has been discovered that American Football has a reampint concussion epidemic, that has caused long term brain damage. Goodell on several occasions has only punished players who take headshots, with fines ranging from $50,000 to $150,000 (according to ESPN), issued to multi-millionaire players, This policy gives no incentive for players to stop, for example player for the Miami Dolphins Matt Moore’s concussion. According to the NFL and NFL players association, the Dolphins medical staff did not follow proper protocol when handling Moore’s concussion. Moore was bleeding from the mouth after taking a hit to the head by a Pittsburgh steelers linebacker. Mouth bleeding is a major sign of a concussion, even after discovery…show more content…
Rice, who played for the Baltimore Ravens, only received a two game suspension after video came out in 2014 proving his crime. Meanwhile Buffalo Bills player Seantrel Henderson in 2016 was banned from the NFL for using medical Marijuana, prescribed for Crohn 's disease. Its instances like this since the beginning Goodell 's tenure in 2006, that displays his lack of commitment to ethics in the professional sports industry. Goodell and his administration, have shown that profits and viewership take precedent over the well beings of people associated with the
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