Concussions In Youth Sports

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Participation in sports can be detrimental because coaches are inexperienced and injuries hinder a young person's development. Many children are getting injured in playing sports. These injuries can cause brain damages. In America's Most Dangerous Football Is in the Pee-Wee Leagues, Not the NFL, many children are getting concussions in playing youth football. In Family Sues Pop Warner Over Suicide of Player Who Had Brain Disease ,A family of a football player committed suicide from brain disease caused by Youth Football. In Pop Warner Suspends Coaches After Concussions ,Two teams coaches were suspended for the cause of five concussions. All of these were as a result of youth football. Kids shouldn't be allowed to play in the youth tackle football.…show more content…
In the article, numerous children change their wellbeing playing tackle football. To demonstrate ,in America's Most Dangerous Football Is in the Pee-Wee Leagues, Not the NFL, The Atlantic says, “There can be serious disruption when those kids who are still developing are still hurt. “Being that, the children play and their brain is damaged. And in some cases, severely damaged. The kids are still growing. This proves the quotes validity. In the article, a family sues pop warner for the suicide of son. To illustrate, in Family Sues Pop Warner Over Suicide Player Who Has Brain Disease, Ken Belson says, “ The family of a football player was later found to have chronic traumatic encephalopathy” Because of kids playing youth football, a man at the age of 25, who once played youth football as a child committed suicide. If he never played, this would've never happened. This shows how dangerous how youth football is. In the article, kids don't give up in playing football and get concussions. For example, in Pop Warner Suspended Coaches After Concussions, All things considered says, “Every kid who was out there wanted to play and not give up.” This shows how the coaches put the mentality into the minds of kids. They tried so hard and that led the children to a concussion. This is how dangerous the sport gets. In conclusion, youth football should not be played by the
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