Concussions Should Not Be Allowed To Play Football

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Do you know what having a concussion feels like? Well some football players do. Youths are at risk every time they step onto the field. Youth’s brains are not fully developed so getting a concussion would not be a hard thing to do.Football puts kids at the risk of serious injuries. This is why youths shouldn’t play football. Some say kids should be allowed to play football even though there is risk of concussions.

Youths are very susceptible to concussions so they should not be allowed to play football. The number of kids in emergency rooms because of concussions has gone up. “Between 2001 and 2009, the number of kids under 19 visiting emergency rooms for concussions each year increased by 62 percent.” (Source #1,pg.1) More evidence states that, “...Pee Wee and Pop Warner players sustain from 240 to 585 head hits per season between ages 9 and 12, a critical period of brain development.”(Source #2,pg.4) This supports the claim that kids should not be able to play football because it is very dangerous and risky. The effects of playing football can cause life long injuries like brain damage and concussions. Due to this, youths should not be able to play football.
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Youths sustain head hits very often and these can be very serious. Youths are at higher risks of going to hospitals and having long term injuries because their brains are not fully developed. This shows that youths should not be able to play tackle football due to the high risk of injuries. Therefore youths shouldn’t play
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