Conditionion After The Short Story Of Flexion In Mary Shelley's Life

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Flexion – after the short story Still identified by Mrs. Slovak, after her husband misjudged the bank of the dam, hearing the sound of a tractor overturning onto himself. Dead, caught him straight across his spine, she looks at him crying, but he starts to go pale. The look on her face, she was in shock like her life was falling apart. “I couldn’t imagine being alone even if he is a pretentious prick.” She called 000, then directed the paramedics to frank after they lifted him on the travel sized bed they soon left, she met him at the hospital for the last few hours of her husband’s life. Waking up, moving her arm across the bed to feel some type of completion, like someone was there to wake up beside her to say good morning. deciding to do something about the way she felt, to change the feeling of still being a prisoner in Frank’s life, in his cell even though he’s not around anymore. She thinks to herself, “maybe I need help, maybe I should see someone like a psychologist or something.” she was faltering, moving hesitatingly, as if about to give way. Mrs. Slovak walks with her head down, with her brown, dead hair blocking her peripheral vision, her blue eyes. She makes an appointment at her local psychologist. Luxury room, leather couches, wooden desk and long dark curtains. In this moment she felt like every memory she explained, every word she spoke was being analysed. Mrs. Slovak never expected to be here, she didn’t see herself as a widow. Losing someone she cared

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