Flexion: After The Short Story

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Flexion – after the short story Still identified by Mrs. Slovak, after her husband misjudged the bank of the dam, hearing the sound of a tractor overturning onto himself. Dead, caught him straight across his spine, she looks at him crying, but he starts to go pale. The look on her face, she was in shock like her life was falling apart. “I couldn’t imagine being alone even if he is a pretentious prick.” She called 000, then directed the paramedics to frank after they lifted him on the travel sized bed they soon left, she met him at the hospital for the last few hours of her husband’s life. Waking up, moving her arm across the bed to feel some type of completion, like someone was there to wake up beside her to say good morning. deciding to do …show more content…

Slovak. “Sarah!” yelled Dr. Carter “Me?” she asked “Come in, it’s good to see you” Dr. Carter say’s with joy. “No one has called me that in years” she explains as she walked in with pure happiness For the first in years she felt acknowledged, she feels seen like she wasn’t anyone’s shadow. Sarah hadn’t experienced this in a while since marrying frank, Sarah never felt this type of power before as if she finally run’s her own life, not a man. He gets his note pad out for the last time writing the date 11/06/16 two years later exactly from her husband’s death. Once again feeling exposed explaining what happened, until he asked that one question…. “After all this time Sarah, two years of these sessions, you have realised that he’s gone, you have started to focus on yourself, your family and most of all that what happened is not your fault… are you ready to move on, not to forget, however to let go?” In that moment Sarah felt relieved after two years, today was the day she felt no guilt and after all this time she was just afraid to let go. Franks accident solved the tension and nothing else, not the past, not how he should treat her equal, nothing, though they both acknowledged

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