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Condoleeza Rice was born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1954. This great American is known for many accomplishments throughout her life and chooses not to be defined by any one of them specifically. She was the child of a Minister and a school teacher. Her early life was filled with fear and confusion as she couldn’t understand why racism existed. Most of us cannot imagine what it was like to grow up in a place like Birmingham in the 60’s. She pushed through the obstacles that faced minorities (and women) at that time to become one of the most influential and successful women of our time. She knew that education was the key to personal growth and understanding.

Ms. Rice attended the University of Denver to earn her bachelor 's degree in political science in 1974. The
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When you read articles concerning her life, leadership, and heart you will see a woman that has empowered her direct reports and supported their efforts. Rice surrounds herself with people that have earned her trust and individuals that she absolutely knows will succeed. She has made friends everywhere she served, building relationships with her subordinates, yet unafraid to hold them accountable. According to Advise America Magazine, during her early years when she became a provost, “she had learned that delegating is not easy for a leader”. The article states “as a delegative leader, you need to make tough decisions, and most of those decisions are against your will. As a leader, she needs to make decisions strategically.”
One of the greatest attributes a leader can have is the ability to bounce back, to push away the urge to give up. Ms. Rice faced many obstacles throughout her life. She suffered failure but she allowed those setback to toughen her hurt and found the strength to overcome. Looking from afar it appears that she embraces motivation to deal with setbacks and learns from her mistakes. She is today considered a resilient, determined and influential leader that is admired and

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