Condoms And Punishment In Prisons

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Nowadays the majority believe that the living conditions in prisons are better than the living conditions decades ago. Despite that, it seems that in some prisons the conditions are even worse. (Garbus, 2014). He asserts that he got some information from the prisoners about the current circumstances in jails. They revealed to him that they were handcuffed to the bottom of their bunk on their underwear for months, they also described their cells. They said that their cells smelled urine and excrement and sometimes they were amazingly hot or cold. Furthermore, they told him that commonly they did not have hot water to take a shower and no one was cleaning the place. They also said that the sexual assault in prisons is common. However, they are not giving condoms in jails.…show more content…
To be more specific, this essay has investigated if the primary objective of imprisonment is to punish or to help the criminals. It is clear that there is a strong case on both sides. Both aims of imprisonment, the punishment, and the rehabilitation are significant for the prisoners. Someone who committed a crime needs to get help, needs to change his life and become a better person. However, this is not possible to happen while he is out of the prison. During the period that this person will be out of the jail, there is a possibility that he will commit the same or even worse felonies than before. Additionally, some criminals cannot understand by themselves that they have psychological issues and that they need help from a doctor. In prison, they can get help, think about their faults and participate in various programmes. With this way, they will get help, and at the same time, they will get the punishment that they deserve. They will not be able to live again with their families and their friends, and even if they will be out of the prison in a few years, it is just impossible to bring back the years that they
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