Conduct Disorder Case Study

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After speaking with, Zack, and his family I agree with the diagnoses of a conduct disorder. Zack presents some of the symptoms and behaviors that are consistent with the DSM-5 diagnosis of a conduct disorder. After speaking with Zack and his family and hearing about his past behaviors, the pattern of actions described was a clear display of a conduct disorder. While arguing with Wade, Zack assaulted him by kicking him in the groin. During that same argument, Zack also broke the dining room table, then ran away to a friend's house for a week before hitchhiking to his grandparents' house. His grandparents let him spend a few days with them before driving him home. Furthermore, after another argument after being told about his mother's pregnancy Zack ran out of the house again. Later that night, Kelly received a call from the police stating that Zack and some friends had broken into a home, and that they were being arrested for breaking and entering along with underage drinking. Another instance of…show more content…
According to Kelly and Wade, Zack often loses his temper and becomes argumentative. Additionally, Zack has stated that he resents not only Wade for trying to become a parent, but also Wes for taking his mother's attention. His behaviors are causing his family distress as well; These behaviors do fit the criterion for an oppositional defiant disorder. However, the behaviors associated with individuals with oppositional defiant disorder do not include aggression toward others and destroying property, both of which Zack has partaken in. Looking at Zack's case, I agreed with the diagnosis of a conduct disorder that the hospital psychiatrist gave him. His outbursts - that at times become physical - and breaking and entering led me to make this diagnosis. While he did meet some of the criteria for a possible oppositional defiant disorder, the criteria of a conduct disorder better fit Zack's
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