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Once World War I came to a resolution, the United States began to industrialize. The Americans had discovered new technology and started a new era. The people of the middle class were amazed by the new advancements that were being created. We had advanced in transportation, communication, and manufacturing. Leisure time in the 1920’s also included going to the beach, sporting events, and Coney Island. Movie theaters would be packed to maximum capacity with locals trying to see their favorite movie stars. The middle class was not as reliant on watching the time with all the new time saving advances including cars and home appliances. Newspapers were manufactured much faster and if you got your ad in one, you could spread your product to thousands…show more content…
Amusement parks reached their climax in the 1920s. The 1920’s were a time of strong economic growth and made Coney Island very successfull. Engineers of roller coasters created faster and higher roller coasters, bumper cars, and vertigo spinning rides. Coney Island is most well known for their Wonder Wheel. A 24 car ferris wheel that sits 150ft in the air. The Wonder Wheel was built in 1920 and still stands today nearly 100 years later. The only time the ferris wheel ever stopped while not under control by the operator was in 1977 during the New York City Blackout. Over 35 million rides have been given since the ride was constructed. After Coney Island opened people saw it as a place to spent not only their time, but their money too. Amusement parks brought in a lot of profit. Other states around the country saw that Coney Island was getting a lot of attention for its ride and also its food. Coney Island is still known for its world famous Nathan 's hot dogs that bring in millions of dollars per year. Leisure time in the 1920’s was spent on many things. People did not only spend their money on appliances, food, and cars. Once amusement parks were brought up it changed the game for the US economy and leisure life as we know it

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