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Coney Island Wonders On a misty day, June 13th, I’m excited to wake up to go to Coney Island. In my mind wondering what to wear-my green sweater and jeans. Ready! I get to school at 7:35 am. On my way to the entrance, Splat! A bird poops on the sleeve of my sweater. In awe, I try my best to wipe it off, but I end up just making it worse. At around 8:01 the bell rings my friends and I rush down the hallway to be in class in time. Ms. Halloween greeting us at the doorway. Ms. Halloween: “Good morning students. Go right on in.” I can see Ms. Halloween and Ms. Classy Toe talking about the pseudo- candidates of the election. Ms. Classy Toe then walks in the room bringing her perfume stench which smelled like roses…show more content…
Ms. Classy Toe announces that Monday is our test which everyone groans. While my friends and I are deciding which rides to go on, I’m thinking about how my heart is going to pop out of my chest from all the thrill rides. Ms. Halloween stands up and interrupts all conversations. Ms. Halloween: “As you all know, we are going to Coney Island this morning. [Class still blathering] Slam! [The book goes onto the desk] As I was saying the kids who aren’t going please stand outside. Now let’s get ready to line up, so we can go to the auditorium.” Traveling Adventures As we exit Ditmas before we left we had to hear a million speeches about the safety rules over and over again. All the classes that were going were put into two separate lines. We approached the subway station, the sun beamed in my eyes like laser. The train came about five minutes later. Everyone felt harried as we were trying to get onto the train like a bunch of bulls. I had my eyes set on a seat which all my friends rushed over, too. On the intercom in the train the next stop was ours. The teachers tried to calm everyone down since the
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