Confederate Battle Flag Analysis

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[ As I sit in the middle of Bragg 's Confederate sanctuary, I wonder whose interpretation of these images is more accurate. Bragg reveres those gray-clad men of honor, courage, and love of country--men he would claim fought to uphold the independence and rights of a sovereign people. I do not see that. I see men who hoped to sustain a society based on chattel slavery and an ideology of white supremacy, a society that held that some men were by right born "booted and spurred" to ride the saddles placed on the backs of Negroes by providence itself. Looking around the room I see images that degrade the memory of my ancestors. Which of our interpretations is more faithful to the historical reality? Who is the true southerner?] (Fort 2002).
The state coat of arms that was added to the Georgia State flag in 1905 was the only adjustment made to the flag till 1956. There was a move by the legislature in 1956 to incorporate a similar Confederate battle flag into the state flag. These legislators, who supported the segregation plans in defiance of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Brown V. Board of Education decision, also gave their support to changing the state flag to incorporate the Confederate battle flag (Cobb 111).
, it’s simply ahistorical to deny the flags principal use in the 1960s was a segregationist symbol- and black Southerners haven’t
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The state 's coat of arms on a blue background was the initial flag of Georgia, the next flag that flew over Georgia till 1956 was like the first flag of the confederacy: vertical blue strip, and horizontal bands of red and white. There was political conflict over the Confederate Battle Emblem which involved the state sanctioned displays of the Confederate emblem in other Southern States such as Alabama, South Carolina, and Mississippi, one of the most recent political battles occurred in Georgia (Coski
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