Confederate Battle Flag Essay

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Honestly, no I do not believe that the confederate battle flag is a symbol of racism or hatred. Personally I believe that anyone who thinks that the confederate flag is “racist” seriously needs a history lesson. In this essay, you will learn the history of the confederate flag, if it actually is a symbol of hatred, and what the United States plan to do to keep the country calm. The flag as we know it was born not as a symbol, but as a very practical banner. The confederate flag was a sign of the confederate states and the fallen tributes in the war. The flag never ceased being the flag of the Confederate soldier and still today commands wide respect as a memorial to the Confederate soldier. African-American newspapers decried the flag’s popularity…show more content…
All in all, you have to negotiate and come to the best most logical solution to keep everyone from killing each other. Everyone has their own opinions and views, but personally I believe that, the reason so many individuals believe that the flag is used as a symbol of hatred/ racism is because that’s what they have been taught and told their entire lives. History isn’t black and white, there are so many things that NO ONE knows the actual full blown truth behind. But instead of assuming and acting like we were there and know exactly what happened, maybe we should research and actually learn our history instead of turning nothing into something and causing more problems. Finally, no I do not believe that the flag is a symbol of hatred or racism, but I do believe that some individuals do believe that, that’s what the whole history of the flag is based on. I believe that every individual should get solid facts/proof/knowledge on the topic and actually know what is going on, instead of believing everything that they hear and or see on the internet, TV, radio, ect… We already have enough problems in this world as it is. Know what you’re talking about and about your history before you open your mouth and make things an extremely bigger problem than it should
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