Confederate Battle Flag

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On Friday morning, July 10, 2015, the Confederate battle flag which was home to South Carolina 's Capitol grounds was cast down after 54 years. The flag was taken to South Carolina 's Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum. To many the flag was a banner of racial subjugation, and withheld a deeply painful meaning. The Confederate battle flag was designed to stick out, but it was never intended to be the political flag of the confederate states, although it was integrated into it over the course of the civil war. Today the battle flag consists of a blue St. Andrew 's cross with white stars on a red flag which was designed by politician William Porcher Miles, however it wasn 't always this way. The original confederate flag looked very…show more content…
Then, on June 17, Dylann Roof sat down for Bible class in a historic African-American church in Charleston. he listened to the hour long lesson given by Rev. Clementa Pinckney, who was also a state senator. He then drew a semi-automatic pistol and told the class he had come to kill black people. He managed to murder 9 people including rev. Pinckney, and then fled the church. Not very long after his arrest pictures surfaced of roof holding the pistol along with the Confederate battle flag, which he viewed as a symbol of white supremacy.The next day the American and South carolina state flags were lowered to half-staff as ordered by Gov. Nikki Haley while the Confederate battle flag still stood tall and…show more content…
The state Senate swiftly passed a bill to remove the flag permanently from its pole. But when it hit the House floor, roadblocks went up. A handful of Confederate flag supporters brought 68 nit-picking amendments to the table which held up the vote. Republican Rep. Jenny Horne, could take it no longer. She took to the podium to address the chamber with a passionate speech. her exact words stated, "I cannot believe that we do not have the heart in this body,to do something meaningful, such as take a symbol of hate off these grounds on Friday." After half a day of legislative battle, the House then passed the bill. On July 9, Haley signed the bill into law with nine pens, one for each of the victims killed at Emanuel AME Church. On July 10, two members of the South Carolina state highway patrol, took down the flag and then handed it to Leroy Smith, director of South Carolina 's Department of Public Safety. The flag now is home to South Carolina 's Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum after years upon years of

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