Confederate Flag: A Symbol Of Hate

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I do not think the Confederate Flag represents a symbol of hate because it is part of the History of this great nation. This is only my personal opinion. However, this opinion could change by the end of my research. Nonetheless, it is a controversial topic. To understand a little more about this topic, I asked a few individuals in order to consider more opinions. I have, also, done an extensive research for this paper, and I found some discrepancies. For example, I asked two African Americans, and according to their opinion, the Confederate Flag is not a symbol of hate. Instead, African American see this flag as an important element of the history. Therefore, they believe that the history of the Confederate Flag should be include in the schools. However, I ask a third individual, and he/she believes that this…show more content…
The Confederate Flag was created in March 1861 to represent the Army. As a results, this flag has a strong meaning to the army and the American ancestors who have solid war…show more content…
Lee, a leader and general in chief from Northern Virginia, declared victory and awarded the flag as a symbol of that moment of American history. However, the Confederate Flag represents also the sad face of the civil war because it brings bad memories to many others about the slaves’ era when it was used by the Ku Klux Klan. The Ku Klux Klan is a hate group that renaissance the Confederate Flag in the 20th Century during 1930 to 1940. This is the main reason why is so difficult for some Americans to accept the Confederate Flag as a symbol because its represent hate against black which is an awful time to remember. The invisible Empire was a creator of hate because they hanged people, betrayed immigrants, and burned houses, churches, and schools. The invisible Empire was against white and black activists. Nowadays, individuals are aware of the pain that flag caused to

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