Why Should The Confederate Flag Be Allowed In Schools

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The Confederate flag is a contentious topic, creating a great amount of controversy. Recently, especially, over the course of this year, the question on whether U.S. citizens should be allowed to display the Confederate flag has been addressed throughout our society. Individuals who are in favor and defend the battle of the Confederate flag, state that this is only a symbol that represents their heritage and early America. However, this flag can additionally be as a symbol of hate. For instance, with reason, numerous American citizens believe this flag represents white supremacy and is extremely offensive. For this reason, I believe students should not be allowed to display the Confederate flag while in school. If there are some people who would find this display as a representation for hate and racism, then the flag should not be permitted. Even if there was only one person who found offense, then others should give that person respect.…show more content…
Since 1969, during the Supreme Court’s decision in Tinker vs. Des Moines trial, ruling has generally been in favor for the student’s freedom of speech. The first amendment is arguably one of the most important amendments and may upset those who feel as if their rights are being violated. However, it is also important to treat others fairly, regarding their beliefs and feelings. Tolerating others is key. This includes respecting their boundaries, ensuring that they feel as if they are in a safe environment. Racially hostile displays could result in unwanted conflict and violence. For students, the main focus should not be on whether or not the Confederate flag should be displayed. The main focus should be on learning and

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