Confederate Flag Be Banned Essay

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The confederate flag was banned due to people finding it offensive. The government did not like the fact that it was a rebel banner. The citizens did not like it because it displayed rebellion of the war that had happened during the Civil War. - they think no one was showing respect for the veterans that were in the war. Another reason that the confederate was banned is because people thought it was a rebellious flag.

They thought the confederate flag was banned because they found it offensive. because the government didn’t like it because they thought it was a rebel banner and didn’t want it to start anything with anyone else so they banned it so there was no problem with anyone else or anything else. Also because people want it to be back up because some people don’t like it down or banned.

Another reason they outlawed the flag is because it wasn’t showing any respect for people that fought in a war and got no respect for people that died. Also, people want to have it down because there was starting to be fights about the discussion of the flag being banned or being back up. Also people are also wanting it banned because it has been causing too much trouble in places that started to have.

People want it down also because it is a sign of slavery and it is a symbol of a deadly attack on the
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Then some may argue that it shouldn’t be removed. the people that think it should be down because it is a rebel banner to people that are on the other side of the flag that is against us. Another reason people think it should be down is because the KKK uses it when they march around and protest. But I think that it shouldn’t be banned because it shows some respect of the people that were in the war and for the people’s family. I also think it shouldn’t be banned because it is causing murders and killing in Charleston, South Carolina. And people that fought in a war should get respect for helping our
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