The Confederate Flag

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Throughout much of history, in time of war, the flag has always been one of the most important pieces of battlefield equipment. During the Civil War, the Confederate battle flag was extremely important in political and personal view standards. The Confederacy saw the use of three different national Civil War flags during its brief time as the official government of the South. The Confederate flag, represents a sacred emblem of this country's evolution through history. It symbolizes the birthright of a nation, the heritage of liberty purchased with blood and sorrow. The Civil War was fought from 1861 to 1865, it started because of uncompromising differences between the free and slave states over the power of the national government to prohibit…show more content…
The official policy of the U. S. government was to leave stars representing the seceded Confederate states on its flag. Eventually, the "Stars and Bars" flag ended up with 13 stars, with two of them representing the border states of Missouri and Kentucky. The reasoning behind allowing this was because the Union did not recognize the validity of secession, or see the Confederate states as separate entities. Therefore, in the mind of the government, those states had not actually left the country, they were just misbehaving (Woodhead). However, unofficially, the Confederate flag was made with stars removed to represent its departure. That is why there are Confederacy flags from this period with different sum total of stars, when only eleven states were committed to its roots. In May 1863, it was decided that the "Stars and Bars" should be replaced; because, the flag could easily be confused with the Union flag at a distance (Woodhead). The new design was called the "Stainless Banner," and called for a pure white flag with a Confederate battle flag emblazoned in the top left…show more content…
This can definitely be true of Civil War flags, because there was nothing more disgracing for a unit than to lose their battle flag. The loss of this single piece of cloth could totally break a unit's confidence. On the other side, capturing an enemy flag was a huge morale boost for a unit. The importance of the Civil War flags can be seen in the fact that individuals who capture the enemy’s flag or saved their own flag were often rewarded with the Medal of Honor. Today, we held those pieces of clothing as a memorable piece of historical culture, as a representation of the gradual developments to become one nation. Although we are able to look back and reflect on both sides’ visions and have the opportunity to analyze their arguments, thus far, an agreement cannot be encountered. The feelings perceive through the glass frame that protects the Confederacy flag is inexplicable. The Confederate flag demonstrated southern pride and heritage, but sometimes it represents white power and
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