Confederate Flag Of Hatred

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Our nation has exaggerated the fear of a piece of history for far too long and now it is the time to put forth some truth. The confederate flag has been a part of heritage since 1861 and has been to this day. People today see it as a flag of hatred, which is interesting because this did not start happening until now. There have been people who have shot and killed others because they said their intentions were based from the confederate flag, which is a material item that cannot make anyone do anything that they do not want to do unless they had their own cause. This flag is not built on a racist appeal it was to show that the southern side will take up for their selves when the northern side wanted an industrialized world. Our people have …show more content…

Not all people realize that a consumer wants what they want, and if they want to purchase something with the confederate flag displayed, then so be it. If they cannot be offered with their goods, they will take their business elsewhere. The confederate flag is starting to be banned from making a profit form some of the most local places we purchase our items, such as: “Walmart, Sears, Amazon, e-Bay and other retailers will no longer sell Confederate merchandise” (Kristof). These are the biggest companies that are not allowing the sale of the confederate due to the controversy, which can lead these companies down the hole if they are not careful because people do get mad about this kind of stuff and this could cause a decrease in income if the pro-confederate flag rioters ever broke out and cause damage to these companies because of what they believe in. They have every right to know what they want, and making these big manufacturers not sell a good that has been he for a lifetime is quite ridiculous. There has also been an incident with Walmart that has caused curiosity within the community of Louisiana. The story goes that the man “ordered the image of the Confederate flag on a cake with the words, ’Heritage Not Hate’” (Kim), but the bakery denied the cake. He went back later and “managed to get an ISIS battle flag printed,” (Kim). Although Walmart did …show more content…

All soldiers are true heroes; they die for a cause that they are trying to protect. The southern side felt over-powered by the fact that the northern side was going to industrialize themselves into a bigger economy that everyone would soon have to face including the south. This flag is no being taken down and pushed aside for the wrongfulness that was made from the church shooter; everyone knows a flag cannot make you do anything without your own intentions to do so. People now believe that his true intentions were based of the confederate flag and now they are wanting to destroy the legacy of the flag and keep it locked up in a dungeon, they want all knowing of this flag to be destroyed so they prohibit us to sell our flag, and they keep the unknowing things from the people in order to depict the hatred that the confederate flag

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