Confederate Monuments Argumentative Essay

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In Atlanta Ga, Charlottesville Nc, and in every other formerly Confederate State in the U.S. there has been controversial debates on whether or not the current standing Confederate statues should be removed from public areas. Many people claim that a modern society should not honor the racist soldiers who fought for slavery. Others believe that preserving historical accuracy is essential to learning from the mistakes of the past. The opinions of thousands of citizens clash with one another over the debate between offense and information. I believe that it is most beneficial for the majority of people if the current Confederate monuments remain where they are. Confederate monuments were initially constructed to commemorate Confederate…show more content…
I believe that Confederate monuments should be used as educational opportunities. Younger people can see Confederate monuments and learn from the mistakes of earlier generations. On Memorial Day in 1884, Oliver Holmes Jr. (former Union Veteran) stated. “I believe that our memorial halls, statues, and tablets, the tattered flags of our regiments gathered in the State Houses, are worth more to our younger men by way of inspiration than the monuments of another hundred years of peaceful life could exist”(Federalist 8/18/17). Learning from the shortcomings of others can benefit others in the pursuit of peaceful living. A majority of the American public do not want the Confederate monuments removed from public display (NYPOST 8/17/17). In a survey conducted by the Nypost news team and PBS, 62 percent of people did not want the Confederate statues removed from public display. Twenty-seven percent of people found the Statues offensive and wanted them removed. The majority of United States citizens that do not want the statues removed claim to reject racist ideology. The majority state that the monuments are a historical representation of U.S history. The minority claim the statues represent honoring white
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