Confederate Turning Point

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The Civil War, a cause not only for the end of slavery, but to bring back the Confederacy as well. Many thought that simply because the North had a clear advantage over the South, such as population or weaponry, the war would end quickly, people picnicked on the first battles of war, watching the battles, but they didn’t fully realize how deadly new weapons had evolved. A single shot could easily kill anyone within range. People soon found how effective technology had become, and how well the South could fight back. Throughout the earlier years of the war the Confederates won nearly all their major battles, such as the very first battle at Fort Sumter, or the following one at Bull Run. Despite their disadvantages, the South won, boosting their morale and giving them hope for the battles to come. They continued to win, under the leadership of Robert Lee, and Thomas Jackson, battle after battle the South emerged victorious, that is until the real turning point of the war, The Battle of Gettysburg. The battle took 3, long,…show more content…
Like he wasn’t good enough to fight for the Confederacy. General Lee even said himself, in a letter to Jefferson Davis, “I therefore, in all sincerity, request your Excellency to take measures to supply my place.” and later in the letter he continued with, “...because no one is more aware than myself of my inability...“ General Lee felt that he wasn’t good enough to fight, and that’s enough to crumble anyone’s self confidence or morale, in which, could’ve hindered his duties as a general. On top of that, Lee actually did lose the battle, which lowered his morale even more. Having a low esteem definitely won’t help him in the battles to come, especially since he was the only general left for the rest of the civil war. Not to mention, that if General Meade hadn’t hesitated in the battle, the war could’ve been over right
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