Confession Of A Shopaholic Analysis

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Michelle Masondo Grade 12Z Business Studies Examiner: P Ray Moderator: P Potgieter Movie Review: “Confessions of a Shopaholic” 1. A brief summary about the movie and the characters. Movie Summary Rebecca Bloomwood is a young journalist living in New York, she loves to shop but her shopping becomes an obsession and she ends up drowning in debt. Rebecca’s dream is to work at the city’s top fashion magazine but she has not gotten her big break yet. She meets Luke Brandon and gives her a job as an advice columnist for a financial magazine. Her column becomes an overnight success, but her secret debt and the debt collector Derek Smeath threaten to ruin her love her and her new found success. Characters: • Isla Fisher: Rebecca Bloomwood • Hugh Dancy:…show more content…
Summary of the financial stressors experienced by Rebecca, on which the film was based. Financial stress is stress caused by your finances. This stress comes from not being able to pay off the debt or from knowing about much money you have to spend. • Rebecca’s debt: Rebecca’s is drowning in debt because she has an obsession with shopping and she is not able to pay off her debts because she was fired from her job. • Over spending: Rebecca spent more money than she had which accumulated her debt, she goes to shopaholics anonymous. • Debt collector, Derek Smeath: Rebecca spends her time running away and not answering the phone calls of the debt collector and lying about his identify and her financial status. • Her best friend’s wedding: Her best friend, Suze is having a wedding and she would like for Rebecca to pay for her own dress. 2. Describe how Rebecca’s spending at the start of the film reflected each of the following, needs, wants, values and goals. Needs: In the beginning of the movie, Rebecca confuses her wants with her needs. Rebecca thought she needed a lot of clothes including a green scarf, which she bought with the last of her money, when she has more than enough
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