Confetti Girl Analysis

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The conflict among the two main characters in the texts “Confetti Girl” by Diana Lopez and “Tortilla Sun” by Jennifer Cervantes is like Hazel battling cancer in “The Fault In Our Stars.” In the first passage, the contention is between a young girl and her father about doing her homework. In the second excerpt, Izzy and her mother battle about having to spend two months away from each other while her mom is in Costa Rica graduating and she is in New Mexico with her grandmother. In both texts, the conflict develops when the child feels neglected and abandoned, but wants quality time with the parent and when the parent just wants what is best for the child. The obscure narrator in “Confetti Girl” feels like she is being neglected and abandoned by her oblivious father. The child envisions that her dad only cares about books and is leaving her high and dry her due to searching for a book when she narrates the following. “He might say I matter, but when he goes on a scavenger hunt for a book, I realize that I really don’t” (Lopez 26). This citation expresses that the child is feeling left out and not cared for. I can infer that this young girl feels like she is a nobody and that she doesn't even exist around her dad. The father just wants to do what he…show more content…
After reading both texts, I have learned that if you are a parent, you have to open your eyes and understand what is going on with your child if they are feeling down or depressed. I also learned that if you are a child, you have to recognize what your parents are trying to do for you, like Izzy’s mom is graduating so both of them can live a better life. The only question that is still on my mind is, if both children had both their mom and dad with them, would they still feel like they were being neglected and
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