Confetti Girl And Tortilla Sun

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Have you ever felt that your parents don’t understand you? Well, in Confetti Girl by Diana Lopez and Tortilla Sun by Jennifer Cervantes the kids and adults have problems understanding each other. Sometimes kids don’t understand their parents and what their intentions are. Both passages show how both parents and kids can misunderstand each other sometimes. In both stories, the parents have different points of view from their children, this creates tension. To start off, in the short passage Confetti Girl, the father and daughter have different interest. The father is more interested in books and vocabulary words than his own daughter. This upsets the daughter and creates tension in between both of them. At the dinner table, the narrator's father stopped eating his dinner with his daughter and left to go get a book. The narrator wanted to have a nice dinner with her father “Nothing's more important than his books and vocabulary words. He might say I matter, but when he goes on a scavenger hunt for a book, I realize that I really don’t” (26). As you can see, the narrator does not like the fact that her father has other interest than she does. This causes the narrator to be mad at her father which ultimately…show more content…
It is true that parents don’t always get along with their kids and vis verse. Sometimes it is about misunderstanding or misinterpreting each other's intentions. In Confetti Girl, the narrator thinks her father likes books better than her. In Tortilla Sun, the mother wants to go to Costa Rica to finish her degree, this would mean sending Izzy to her nana’s house. Izzy does not want to have to go and thinks her mom does not care about what she thinks. This all causes a lot of tension in the family. Do you think the parents should have thought more about their kids, or the kids should have thought more about the
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