How Does Cervantes Create Tension In Confetti Girl And Tortilla Sun

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About 35% of children grew up in a single-parent family home. Similarly, Lopez and Cervantes both tell a story about two girls who suffer living with only one parent. Both girls have many conflicts in their personal lives, which creates tension in the stories. In Confetti Girl and Tortilla Sun, the narrator's different points of view create tension in both stories because the characters have trouble connecting with their remaining parent, the parent acts in a way that neglects the narrator’s interests, and the narrator has trouble regaining a sense of closeness with the parent.
To begin with, the narrator experiences a challenge when trying to connect with her parent. In Confetti Girl the narrator feels resentment toward her parent. In the text is states, “Nothing’s more important than his books and vocabulary words. He might say I matter, but when he goes on a scavenger hunt for a book I realize that I really don’t,”(26 Lopez). Diana Lopez explains the lack of connectivity between the narrator and her
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In Confetti Girl, Lopez describes how the narrator feels extremely neglected by her dad and that she is completely had enough with her dad’s neglectful behaviors. The narrator indicates anger in her voice when she says, “I can’t stand it. I just can’t stand it. I’d rather have Vanessa’s crazy mom,”(28 Lopez). This conveys the narrator’s anger toward being neglected by her parent and it had came to the point that the character may have started building hatred towards her dad in this situation. Additionally, Izzy also feels neglected by her mother and her decisions. Izzy’s mother decides to go on and finish her education, but Izzy doesn’t want to be separated from her mom. Instead, her mom states,”You’re going to New Mexico and that’s final,”(28 Cervantes). In this situation, Izzy feels she has no say in the decision and shows disappointment because her opinion was being
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