Confetti Girl

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Parents. What are they for? They help you choose the right path as well as help you whenever needed in life. They work as hard as hard as possible to lead you, but sometimes they may need time for themselves. Maybe a break or some time to follow their interests. Characters in both stories, “Confetti Girl,” and “Tortilla Sun” are living with one parent who takes care of them. This makes room very tight for the parents, causing conflict and tension within the parents and kids. This also causes different mindsets/perspectives on what’s happening to seep into the kid’s minds possibly causing an alteration in the relationships with each other. “Confetti Girl,” by Diana López mentions a girl and her dad. They are eating dinner together as English…show more content…
“Tortilla Sun,” mentions a girl and her mother. One day, as the mom is doing work she announced to her daughter a very heartbreaking message for her. “‘It 's strange actually. I wasn 't expecting it, but then at the last minute the funding came through.’ She folded her arms across her waist. ‘I 'm going to Costa Rica to finish my research.’... ‘I 'll be gone for most of the summer. I leave Tuesday.’” The mother was going to Costa Rica in order to finish her work. This seemed as a big opportunity for her as she was willing to not see her daughter for all of summer. The girl however did not take this well. She seemed aghast as if she was going to lose her forever. “‘Opportunity? For me? Or for you?’” She ached and seemed deflated, like a balloon flying away. She felt like crying and instead of being happy for her mom, she tried to hold her back. The mother saw this as a wonderful opportunity. “‘And after this I can finally graduate. Our lives will change then.’" She reached over and stroked my hair. “‘For the better.’" This would’ve changed their lives and helped the family so much. Instead, the girl didn’t care, as all she wanted as for her mother to not go. This caused conflict as both showed different sides of the events that occurred. One wanted to go as the other wanted to stay. In conclusion, the differences in perspective caused many conflicts and added tension to both stories. In “Confetti Girl,” the girl wanted her dad to pay more attention to her and not in his books. However, the dad never thought anything about that, he was just doing his passion, English. In “Tortilla Sun,” a tremendous opportunity had occurred in the girl and her mother’s life. The mother wanted to take this opportunity as it could change their whole lives. The girl on the other hand didn’t care as she just wanted her mother
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