Confetti Girl Summary

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As kids grow older, they tend to have different views about things than their parents do. And they become more rebellious. In the stories Confetti Girl Diana Lopez and Tortilla Sun by Jennifer cervantes, the daughters don't see eye to eye with their parent. Izzy, the girl in Tortilla Sun doesn't want her mother to leave for Costa Rica and her to be alone with her Nana. And the girl in Confetti Girl doesn't enjoy literature as much as her father does and feels like her father cares about books more than her. In the realistic fiction stories Confetti Girl by Diana Lopez and Tortilla Sun by Jennifer cervantes, “Confetti girl” thinks her father cares more for books than her as they don't share the same love for books and Izzy is mad at her mom…show more content…
In the excerpt,“Why can't I go with you?’ I said. ‘Izzy…” ‘New Mexico is worlds away from California, And what am I going to do for two whole months with someone I haven't seen since I was six? That was half my life ago. She's a stranger!’ I felt a sudden urge to bolt for the front door and run.” it is clear that Izzy really wants to go with her mother but her mother is not allowing her and instead, sending her to her Nana’s house. And that last sentence shows the amount of tension added to the conflict as Izzy wants to “bolt for the door and run.” And. also, in the quote,”Honey, you can make friends at your new school in the fall, Besides, this is a wonderful opportunity for you.’ ‘Opportunity? For me? Or for you?’I stormed off to my room and threw myself onto my bed. I ached inside. Like the feeling you get watching a lost balloon float far into the sky until it becomes an invisible nothing.”, Izzy now thinks that her mother is being selfish by not letting her go, but her mother sees it as an opportunity. And now, compared to the first quote, the tension has increased, as now Izzy has actually run into her room. So, the tension is added when Izzy and her mother have different viewpoints about weather Izzy should come with her (Izzy’s mother) or not turn into
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