Confidence In Baseball

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1. Confidence is the key to success

With the lights on you, confidence will help you believe in yourself. Negative thoughts may keep you from achieving from goals of getting a hit or making a play, but confidence keeps that belief inside you. Does negativity bring you success? Confidence makes your dreams possible while negativity brings it down. Confidence plays a tricky role in a baseball player 's mind. It can either bring you up or put you as low as the ground. Confidence provides the greatest chance of success. How can you succeed without thinking positively?

2. Don 't think, just do

Thinking is your enemy. Thinking is allowed before or after a play but not during a play. It causes a player to second guess his judgement. Clear your mind and make the play. If you are at the plate thinking, then you might let the ball go right past you. Bad thoughts may
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4. Failure is an option

Failure is common in baseball. Do not let striking out or dropping a fly ball bring you down. To be successful in baseball, you need to get three hits out of every ten at-bats. Imagine passing only three exams out of ten in math, you will the course, but in baseball you have succeed. Get used to failing most of the time in order to succeed. People do not remember the failure if you get a clutch base hit to score a run or make a great play in the field. Failure is as common as a baby falling down. Stress the importance of failing to achieve success. Failure is not your enemy, it 's the fear of failure that brings you down.

5.Focus on Success

Keep your mind focus on the success. Put failure in the back seat and continue to drive for success. If you ground out to second, look at the positives of moving the guy over. All outs or errors are not the same thing. Try to make positive plays instead of negative plays. Bad plays will be happen so just move on from them. Do not try to be the hero every and just try to help the team. You need to focus on success in order to accomplish your
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