Confidentiality And Confidentiality

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Different principles of health and social care are introduced which are used by the professionals in order to enhance their approach to practice. In order to evaluate this aspect, one professional issue that is confidentiality has been considered. Confidentiality is known as the process in which the shared informed is kept as the secret depending on the situation. It is noticed that it is the responsibility of the professional to ensure the principle of confidentiality at the time of dealing with a patient. Any sort of private information related to the patient must be kept securely. Therefore, confidentiality is considered as the value of good practice when conducting professional practice. In this paper, confidentiality as the principle of health and social care has been discussed along with the manner in which it has enhanced the professional practice. Confidentiality as Principle of Health and Social Care It is noted that confidentiality builds an important relationship between the health care providers and patients. Moreover, this relationship develops professionally when patient 's private data is not shared among individuals or other paramedical staff. Gradinger, et al (2015) portrays patient 's desires as far as confidentiality concerned; • Information not to be talked about or given to someone else unless it is imperative • Health care providers must take patients consent before giving their information to someone else • Their matters not to be discussed

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