Confidentiality In Counseling Case Study

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Professional counselors have an enormous responsibility to uphold the public trust and so pursue high levels of training, education, and supervision in the ethical application of counseling practices, since counselors often practice in private settings with very little oversight. A vital ethical element in counseling is confidentiality. Confidentiality builds a private and safe environment of trust which is crucial for counseling to be fruitful. As a counselor in my future practice I believe confidentiality is key to a successful therapeutic relationship, which leads to a successful course of treatment. In addition to its importance in building trust, as once a healthy alliance is established the therapeutic relationship would expect to sail…show more content…
Redmond (1996) written by Justice Paul Stevens states, “effective psychotherapy depends upon an atmosphere of confidence and trust in which patient is willing to make frank and complete disclosure of facts, emotions, memories and fears” (Corey et al., 2015). It is significant for clients to feel safe enough to be able to open entirely about thought and emotions, and for this safety to be achieved the client needs to know whatever is being shared will be confidential. Confidentiality protects both the counselling relationship and the strength of the therapeutic alliance. (Isaacs & Stone, 2001). The alliance is not only the emotional tie between clients and counselor, it also includes tasks and goals (Horvath, 1994). A strong therapeutic alliance cannot exist without confidentiality and is essential to the development and mental wellbeing of the…show more content…
As statements made during a third-party presence is not protected in court proceeding. So, before any group counseling sessions, as a counselor it would be my duty to create a safe space for group members. It can be done through a written group contract defining members responsibility for maintaining group confidentiality. (Corey et al., 2015). In cases of couple and family therapy, the main client is not only every person present but is the relationship among them as well. Harmonizing the alliance between each client and the family as a unit is seen more significant than the strength of the alliance. (Sprenkle & Blow, 2004). For a balanced alliance to be met there must be a full disclosure policy amongst family members, hence there is no place for confidentiality within family members in such
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