Confidentiality In Nursing Practice

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Confidentiality according to Wes Janison, WPI Interdisciplinary and Global study division is an explicit or implied guarantee by a researcher to a respondent in a social science whereby the respondent confident that any information provided to the researcher cannot be attributed back to that respondent. Thus, confidentiality is an active attempt by researcher to remove any trace of respondent identities from the records.

Confidentiality is a guarantee given to a respondent by a researcher promising not to disclose the information to anyone. The information may be verbal or non verbal depending on how the respondent wants to respond to that research. For instance in the clinical
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Example a respondent may experience social sanction, peer or family scorn or even termination of employment due to the fact that he or she disclosed her views on certain things. Another risk is publication of data that a respondent assumes to be confidential thus causing embarrassment and legal penalty. Confidentiality is an essential part of social science because it provides assurance of protection to participants. Nurses are obliged to keep information to themselves which makes patient secured around them. Once patients feel secured around a nurse he or she can disclose so many issues that can help in future research work but once security is lost patient pretends and pass on wrong information which may affect the result of that…show more content…
In her article she reminds students and nurses to carefully consider patients privacy and she challenged nurses to answer the question what is confidentiality before pursuing nursing as a career. Patient needs to trust health care provider and nurses have long been listed as one of the most trusted among all professions. To maintain that trust nurses must understand confidentiality issues.
Confidentiality is very important in any research as the assurance have practical benefit to research. With an explicit level of confidentiality the respondent is most likely to participate in a study, they can also give honest and valid responses to questions. Confidentiality is an essential part of social science as it minimizes their risk of participation because once the bridge of agreement is violated respondent withdraws him or herself from participating in any
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