Confidentiality In Social Care

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Unfortunately, legal and ethical issues are prevalent among social workers that are attempting to provide effective care for individuals, specifically individuals who are within the mental health population. Examples of prevalence of legal and ethical issues are the Tarasoff I and Tarasoff II cases. The aforementioned cases sparked the infiltration of Tarasoff and the Duty to protect after Prosenjit Poddar murdered Tatiana Tarasoff, his romantic interests who he had became obsessed with. Tarasoff’s family members filed a lawsuit accusing mental healthcare professionals of negligence. The Tarasoff’s were allotted the ability to settle out of court, but no amount of money will bring back their loved one, who could have been potentially
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Upon entry of Fayetteville State University’s Master of Social Program, each class session or meeting consisted of discussions surrounding the importance of confidentiality. Like many social workers, I am in alliance with others as it relates to services remaining confidential unless an individual poses a threat to their selves or others. While working as an intern at Myrover-Reese Fellowship Home, and Fayetteville Veterans Affairs Medical Center during orientation and throughout practice the importance of confidentiality was continuously discussed. Effectively infiltrating confidentiality as it relates to Tarasoff was not a difficult task for psychiatrist Dr. Gold or psychologist Dr. Moore but more so, supervisor Dr. Yandells who did not believe Padoor was a threat to Tarasoff (Simone and Fulore, 2005). This discord among coworkers caused not only a preventable death to occur but also a historical…show more content…
Just like Dr. Moore I would have been concerned with Paddor’s obsessive behavior and toward Tarasoff, but currently I would not exactly know what NC law states the appropriate protocol of involuntary civil commitment was. I would definitely utilize the assistance effectively. It is imperative that social workers are resourceful as it pertains to knowing legal policies and procedures within their jurisdiction. Not knowing these policies and procedures could become a potential barrier to
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