Confidentiality In Social Work

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Social worker is a profession that help in enhancing and maintaining social functioning. Social workers are guided by knowledge, an array of skills and method together with values and ethics. The values that have been imposed on determined how we see things around us, our perspective. It also determined how we act in certain situations. As a social worker, values are important for us to fully engage with our clients. Building rapport may not as easy if we did not apply any values that are suitable or accepted by our clients. Cynthia (2014) agreed that knowledge and skills are not enough if there are no values and moral as those three elements are crucial for the profession itself. There are many values that social worker could
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A social worker can start by informing or discussing about confidentiality with clients during the first session. This will help the clients to clearly acquaint that their confidentiality is confirmed throughout the sessions. Next, the social workers can remind the clients that the confidentiality of their information is limited if they can bring harm to the client itself or others. If the agencies policy required them to have written agreement, the social worker can have the clients to sign any release of information agreement so that the clients cannot take any legal actions towards the social worker or the agencies. This agreement also can remind the social workers that they cannot freely disclose the information without any necessities. The social worker need to ask the clients’ permissions before sharing the information. If social workers need to disclose the information, they have to know what information can and cannot or should and should not be shared. Always remember to consider why it is important to share the info and is it necessary to share the info to the third parties. To add in more confidentiality aspects, all closed case file will be dispose after several years being kept in archive room. All of these are needed to practice as confidentiality is always being a…show more content…
Social workers are bound to codes and ethics. Confidentiality is needed to ensure the sessions are effectively done and the goal can be achieve for the well being of the clients. This is also important to prevent the social worker being charged or arrested from violating the client’s information. As social workers might have dilemma in sharing the client’s details. Discussing it with seniors or supervisors can help us in finding the most suitable to handle the issues. Violation of information can happen without notice so social workers need to be careful. Always question ourselves the necessities to share the information before we make our decisions. Thus, confidentiality is an important value to be applied by the social workers as it benefited both side which is the social workers and the
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