Confirmation: Film Analysis

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The way a movie is constructed and told has a huge impact on the plot and theme. Confirmation and Bernie are two examples that use specific storytelling devices to further the plot and theme of the movie. Confirmation uses the storytelling device of news clips to show how Clarence Thomas’s hearing effected the voters of America, while Bernie uses interviews to show how the town’s people of Carthage loved Bernie. These storytelling devices further the theme of either class or gender, and help to show the audience the inequalities in both class and gender. The movie Confirmation is about a man, Clarence Thomas, who is about to get voted into the position of a Supreme Court justice, but then a story breaks out of how he sexually assaulted a…show more content…
Everything Bernie does he excels in and exceeds the expectations put upon him. Deep down Bernie is the nicest most loving person in the world. All of these traits given to Bernie are given to him by the town’s people of Carthage. We find all of this out by interviews set up throughout the town. The movie uses the storytelling device of interviews to show the traits of Bernie in a short amount of time, but it is very impactful. Hearing how great someone is from others can influence someone’s opinion gratefully, and that’s exactly how the movie uses interviews in Bernie. Interviews are quick and effective way to show a lot of information quickly, and that’s why they are used in Bernie. The whole first part of the movie is interviews, so it has a large impact on the plot and theme. In the movie there is a large difference in socio-economic classes and the interviews help to capture this. The poor town’s people of Carthage are interviewed to show how much they love Bernie. No wealthy people are interviewed and this is because all the wealthy citizens left Carthage after the oil rush. These interviews help show the inequalities of economic class in Carthage, mainly because it shows how the poor live compared to the
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