Essay On Catholic Confirmation

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In the Catholic faith, confirmation is a significant aspect of a Catholic’s spiritual journey. Basically, confirmation allows the confirmed to continue to grow in the Catholic faith with the counsel of God and the Holy Spirit. Being confirmed is an essential step in continuing to grow in the Catholic faith in order to carry out the Church teachings. Through confirmation, I will receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit including wisdom, counsel, piety, and fortitude; these gifts will allow me to live in the fullness of God and prepare for eternal life in heaven. I will need the Holy Spirit’s guidance and God’s guidance, especially in my future career as a doctor in order to decide moral ways of treatment. This enlightenment is necessary when bringing…show more content…
The most significant characteristic that stands out to me as I have grown up with my grandmother is that she has a devotion to the Catholic Church unlike anything I have ever seen. The term discipleship is one that truly encomposes my grandmother’s life. Forming a strong family in faith, she lives by the Church teachings each and everyday. As Jesus wanted his followers to be, she spreads her love for God among others and finds Jesus in each soul she meets. As an active parishioner of Our Lady of Prompt Succor, she is a CCD teacher and a member of their Fatima Rosary Group, which participates in saying the rosary every Monday. Anytime my brother and I are at her house over the summer, she watches mass on television, brings us with her to morning mass, or brings us to her rosary club meetings to say the rosary with her fellow parishioners. Another example of her strong Catholic faith is when my grandfather was in the hospital during his last couple of weeks. During this tough time, she never turned away from God. Overall, my grandmother will be a phenomenal sponsor by helping grown in my faith and get through every hardship that comes up during my journey in
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