Conflict Analysis: Temptation Confession Of A Marriage

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I chose to write my conflict analysis on Temptation­ Confession of a Marriage by Tyler Perry. The actors of this movie are as follows: Jurnee Smollett­Bell , as Judith who ids the heroine of the movie. Lance Gross, he acts as her high school sweetheart and her husband. There is the Kim Kardashian who played Ava, Vanessa Williams as Janice, Judith's boss. Robbie Jones he plays the character Harley the rich client who Judith cheats on her husband with. There is Brandy Norwoods who play Melinda the HIV positive ex girlfriend of Harley and Ella Joyce as Sarah, and Tyler Perry the producer.
I decided to give synopsis of this movie based on my perspective because I may have perceived it differently.
The name of the story is basically self explanatory
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Brice remarried and had a family of his own. He still speaks to her and treated her virus.
Personally, this story is very real and inspirational in that it focused on a central theme that is happening universally. While some may say it is the typical love story but I disagree as the producer Tyler Perry no matter how funny or dramatic his movies are, he is always sending a message or touching on a central theme that is very applicable to
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The communication in fact escalated the conflict as Judith left and faced consequences as explained earlier.
The other conflict I will be discussing is the internal conflict or the correct term being the intrapersonal conflict that Judith had with herself. This happened after she left her husband and went with Harley and got contracted with HIV. This conflict reached the stalemate/ hurting period and stayed there because she regretted what she did and it was evident that the conflict stayed at that period because years after she was still telling the story thus regretting the actions she took having to suffer such harsh consequences.
This conflict with herself was resolved well because I felt she accepted her mistake and some conflicts are meant to stay at the hurting period as I learnt and I am seeing that evident here. She came to accept her mistake and instead of sulking and hating life she choose to use her story to educate, warn and prevent others that may go down the path that she once
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