Conflict And Compromise In Democracy

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According to Webster dictionary a democracy is “a government by the people”. This is the type government the United States has. The U.S government is built on maintaining and enforcing order and equality in a democratic format. With order and equality comes conflict and compromise among the people. John Locke once said “citizens have the right to rebel against a government that does not respect the rights of its citizens”. The responsibility is in the hands of U.S citizens to rebel when felt needed, until a compromise is established through cooperation from them and their government. Being a United States citizen is not just about exercising their rights as Americans like to vote or pay taxes. Being a U.S citizen is about protesting, taking a stand, correcting authority when wrong and fixing a problem properly instead of just putting a patch over the problem because, when we do this the outcome is a peaceful functioning society.
All of history is built on conflict and at the very end a compromise is usually proposed. For example according to in 1865 America abolished slavery after four long years of a Civil War by passing the 13th amendment. The racial tension was very high at this point and time due to African Americans being treated as less then white Americans for roughly 246. This was a big conflict in American society at the time and as said before compromise follows a conflict. This went on for 31 years until a very morally wrong compromise was put in
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