Conflict And Conflict: The Importance Of Conflict

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Conflict is defined as an interactive state manifested in compatibility, disagreement or difference within or between social entities such as individuals, group, or organization (Tsega, 2000). This implies that conflict is the stage of disharmony between incompatible person and ideas or interests simply a clash. Conflict is an overt behavior that results when an individual or group of individual thinks a perceived needs of individuals has been frustrated or is about to be frustrated. Conflict occurs because individuals have different perception, beliefs and goals (Ritzer, 2008).

Conflict is a common incident and quit frequent in human interaction. It is to be expected in any community with different cultural background or within the same ethnic group with the same cultural components. Conflict can occur between individuals, groups or nations. It can be caused due to the incompatible human need, and the control of scarce resources and the dominance of one on the other (Abie, 2008). Many researchers hold up the importance of conflict. For instance, for Marxists conflict is the precondition for social change (Ritzer, 2008).

Conflict that combines multiple sources, such as tensions between individuals or groups may be extremely hard to resolve. This implies that in some way ethnic, religious, cultural and political deference can cause conflict. Thus, views are particularly sensitive, because people often depend on these for a sense of identity and belonging. On the other
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