Conflict And Conflicts: The Causes Of Conflict

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The word “conflict” comes from the Latin “confligere”, the literal translation of which is “to bend together” or to “to tense”1. Conflicts are unavoidable and usually an interpersonal relations but it is necessary to know how to resolve it either in our day to day activities, business, state, country or nation state. Conflict is a contest, competition, dispute and tensions as well as manifest clashes between social forces. It’s the situation in which incompatible goals, attitudes, emotions, behaviours or resources lead to a disagreement or conflict between two or more individuals or nations. It often differs from person to person, group to group, cultural background to cultural background or between and among nations. Conflicts are also tensions situations in which people that are dependent upon one another attempt to reach incompatible objectives or to implement differing action plans2. Conflict can be caused by various reasons such as; Differences in values, beliefs, perceptions, or opinions, individual clashes, lack of cooperation, lack of trust, authority issues and competition for limited resources etc. Also, developments embedded in the internal structures of one or more clashing countries often leads to conflict while a change in this structure might lead to the end of this conflicts or their recurrence. Territorial claims, ideology, colonialism, nationalism, religion and natural resources have been the main sources of conflict throughout the world while the causes
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