Conflict And Internal Conflict In 1984 By George Orwell

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By:Aman Parmar

Internal conflict and strife affects people throughout their lives and the way an individual handles it may speak to who the character is, and how they view the people around them.In the book 1984 George Orwell created a world in which Winston, and many others lives are controlled by the party, resulting in fear, which may lead straight into conflict with themselves.Conflict between the characters and the party, and strife between O’Brien and Winston.The internal conflict and strife that is developed by the characters can lead to a certain thought or representation of an individual or group that can lead to two different outcomes, one in which makes the character understand, or the complete opposite, as they face challenges that they aren’t used to.

Conflict between a person and themselves, can lead to both positive and negative thoughts of a person or a party, leading to realization, and the truth, and may also lead to believing what’s not the truth, regrets and overthinking.

“Recognizing” is a word that both Winston and Julia understood as they had both admitted that sooner rather than later, they’re going to be caught by the party, and are going to have to face consequences. Julia had confidence in herself and believed that somehow she wouldn’t get caught, and had constructed this word in which you would choose how you wanted to live, and had realized that she will caught, as at the end both Winston and Julia repeated that “We’re the dead” and right
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