Conflict Between Authority And Disobedience Essay

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The conflict between authority and disobedience has stayed relevant since Adam and Eve chose to disobey in the Garden of Eden. Since this moment, every civilization has dealt with this relationship. Egyptians faced the exodus of their Israelite slaves from their land, Romans fought with the slave Spartacus who raised an army to fight against the Roman empire, and in the eighteenth century, the French government had the challenge of its civilians revolting against their authority. The balance between authority and disobedience represents a pendulum relationship. When a pendulum swings to one side, it eventually swings to the opposite side with an equal amount of force; thus, the more authority executes its rights on a civilian, the more the…show more content…
This rebellion is not a rash decision, but rather a premeditated decision for self-preservation. Rebellion is a form of disobedience. Disobedience happens when individuals refuse to surrender certain freedoms to create a strong union, displays apathetic and passive actions towards the condition of the state, or feels neglected by the authorities. Disobedience is a passive reaction to a domineering authority. Disobedience is a choice. Nothing forces an individual to disobey. Disobedience stems from a refusal to submit to authorities. The nation of America began as a refusal to submit to an overpowering government and a willingness to follow a government of their own authority. They decided to govern themselves because early Americans understood the importance of an individual in a society, which is why the Founding Fathers started the Constitution of the United States of America with “We the People.” the Foundering Fathers created an American identity based on the individual; an individual who will rebel against tyrannical authorities and who will willingly submit to a government that protects him and provides for him. This willingness to follow a government who protects its citizens explains how America stays an effective nation in the
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